The legend of the riders

In the constant struggle between the gods of order and chaos, the guardians of light resorted to humans to change the course of the battle. These warriors became known as Riders - heroes with the gift of taming the fiercest creatures of the whole earth, and using them in the battle against evil. These mystical creatures, when trained, become weapons of immense power that can be mounted by the Riders of the earth to the heavens, leading them to final victory.

The riders' campaign

As the course of battle shifts, Riders should become masters of land and air combat. Riders have abilities that amplify their ability to deal damage to their opponents. Using an improved combo system, Riders can attack non-stop against one or more enemies without giving a chance of counterattack. Combining these powers with their ferocious mounts, Riders are unbeatable.


Berserkers are warriors who dual-wield swords and wear heavy armor during combat. Their crowd control skills make them excellent fighters in groups or alone.
They use mounts as their main weapon and wear Heavy Armor.






Berserker Badge
Guardian Badge
Priest Badge
Assassin Badge
Wizard Badge
Rider Model

The creatures of Icarus

Since the creation of humanity, hundreds of mortal species have wandered the world, threatening civilizations. From dragons of fire and monsters of ice to legendary flying steeds, these creatures can now be tamed and trained as weapons to counter the forces of evil.

Whether you choose to mount them in battle or train them as pets to fight at your side, each mount possesses unique abilities and powers that will offer great advantages to your Riders on the battlefield. Only the most powerful of the Riders will find the rarest mounts - including one that can carry a group of Riders at the same time.

Icarus Creature