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Capture, collect and fight alongside hundreds of fantastic creatures for the causes of epic proportions on Icarus Online. Bring your allies and embark on this adventure.

Game of the Year

Tame hundreds of mythical creatures

Explore Midellas, a beautiful, dangerous world full of mythical creatures. From giant spiders to flaming dragons, tame all the beasts during your journey and take them as a mount or pet in battles on land and in the skies.

Take the fight to the skies!

Tame, train and ride your mounts to the heights as you join thousands of other players in fighting giant beings. Gather your guild and participate in campaigns of epic proportions!

Constant Action

Icarus Online offers devastating attack and spell combos, distinct classes of characters, items, dungeons, raids, bosses, and global events. Download the game and play for free in Portuguese!

Play with your friends for free

Explore new lands, capture dragons, beat bosses, join your friends or make new friends!

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